Balloon Twisting

Jon and his wife, Vivian create a fun, attractive variety of balloons for any occasion - a party, festival, store opening, public concert, or other event. Kids love their balloons, as well as their warm, personal manner that makes each child feel special.

Jon & Vivian at Greensboro Pub Lib 10-6-18 (4)The split dog turns to run on back feetJon and Jack

Twist-and-telling -

Sometimes Jon creates a balloon figure as he tells a story about it, as in the tall tale of "Daniel Boone's Split Dog," the Indian trickster tale of "The Monkey and the Crocodile," or the Grimms fairy tale of "The Six Swans." Children are fascinated to see him create the balloon figure as the story evolves.  In the first two of these tales, he uses the completed balloon figure as a puppet to help him tell the story. When Daniel Boone glues his dog back together with the back legs sticking up, Jon twists the balloon figure's legs around to show how it looked!

This is a great lead-in to twisting personal balloon figures for children in the audience. Getting their own personal version of a figure from a tale (or a different figure) puts the icing on the cake for an exciting concert. The promise of receiving a personal balloon is a tantalizing enticement at a festival for kids to come and listen.

For public library programs, Jon encourages children to choose a book from a related display and take the book home along with their balloon figure.