Private Events


Jon specializes in PARTIES TO REMEMBER, using storytelling, folk songs and balloon figures to create parties that are not only lots of fun in the moment, but will make a deeper, more lasting impression on a child, his family and friends.

Jack, Holly and Elvisyelling upwardSnapShot(11)He and his wife, Vivian, have a beautiful collection of one and two balloon figures that are very popular, and they have a warm, personal manner with the birthday child and guests. If you wish, they can come and just make personal balloons. But what makes a party extra special is  stories and music.

SnapShot(72)Jon weaves together folk songs, accompanied on guitar, banjo, autoharp, ukulele and spoons with multicultural folk tales, some of them told as he creates balloon figures, then uses them as a kind of storytelling puppet. There are many opportunities for audience participation – through singing, movement, playing rhythm instruments, and responding verbally in different ways. For preschool aged kids he often includes a mascot puppet. Afterwards, he and Vivian create personal balloon figures for the children, including ones used in the stories. The combination of stories, music, balloons and lots of participation is always a big hit!



Performance – Jon has developed an exciting set of multicultural songs and tales on the themes of love and marriage. They run the gamut in origin, style and mood, providing opportunities for thoughtful reflection as well as moments of comic relief. Jon can perform one or two pieces as part of the wedding ceremony, in a set as part of the reception, or as interludes in a square dance.

SnapShot(27)Square Dance – A square dance is a perfect way of celebrating this exciting event and mixing together people from different parts of the couple’s lives. Children from 8 or 9 years up can participate, and younger ones can tag along in different fashions. See the separate description on Square Dancing for more details. Interludes in the dance provide an opportunity for Jon and the band to present an assortment of folk songs and tales, both thoughtful and humorous – on the theme of love and marriage.

Sample songs:

Sample tales: